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Cartridges (Dust Collectors)

UAS NanoFiber Cartridge Filter

The United Air Specialists Advanced NanoFiber cartridge filter provides superior filtration efficiencies (MERV 15), long filter life, and reduces compressed air usage. The NanoFiber surface layer creates a true surface (not depth) loading cartridge filter that pulse cleans more efficiently than depth loading filters, resulting in lower pressure drop that ultimately reduces the amount of pulse cleaning required.

The UAS NanoFiber cartridge filter can be used in most cartridge-type dust collection systems, including:

  • Torit
  • Farr
  • AAF
  • Micro-Air
  • Most other brands

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  • Replacement cartridges for most brands of pulse-jet dust collectors
  • Wide selection of sizes
  • Full range of media choices:
    • Blended cellulose/polyester
    • 100% spun bond polyester
    • Aluminized
    • Carbon impregnated
  • Pre-treated cartridges

Torit Replacement Cartridges

Donaldson Torit Replacement Cartridge Filters


  • P527080 Original Torit Downflo DF, Ultra-Web Nanofiber Flame Retardant, 226 sq. ft media, 14 available $60.00 each
  • P03091 Original Torit Downflo DFTII, Ultra Web Nanofiber Flame Retardant 191 Sq ft media, 26 Available $60.00 each
  • P190818 Original Torit Downflo DFTII, Ultra Web Nanofiber Flame Retardant  254 Sq. Ft media, 5 available ... Read More